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Dom sushi


Located by Motlawa River in Gdańsk and at the trendy Monte Cassino Street in Sopot, Dom Sushi offers a unique dining experience full of flavoursome and colourful culinary art, and all these without the unnecessary pomposity. Sitting by the kaitenzushi (bar with a sushi river) feels very comfortable – you can either pick up one of the plates from the river or ask sushi master for his recommendations. The colour of the plate determines the price. There are no fixed rules or specific sushi menu – you can get anything you like, made to order and fresh in front of your eyes by the most talented sushi chefs in Tricity! If you’re in for a treat, make sure to order the Flaming Dragon – this Dom Sushi flagship composition of tempura prawns in uramaki covered with Japanese grilled unagi eel (enflamed!) will certainly win your heart. As it is on a sweeter side, it will be perfect as the end of your meal. The food at Dom Sushi is truly divine. What we also love at this place is simply sitting at the bar and observing the sushi masters at work. Their professionalism and precision with which they prepare sushi is tantalising! You can see their passion in literally every move of their hands. Make sure to ask them a few questions – they will happily tell stories about history of sushi, origins of each ingredient and the different ways of making sushi.

During weekdays, it is always a good idea to visit Dom Sushi for a lunch – special lunch menu is served between 12-16 p.m. and offers two good value for money options – 33 PLN for a two course set menu (soup + sushi) or 45 PLN for three course set (appetizer + soup + sushi).

Little France in the centre of Sopot

Cyrano et Roxane is a special place with excellent dishes. A combination of traditional French recipes and family atmosphere gives foodies a taste of sophisticated French cuisine.

In the hubbub of famous Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, there is a cosy French restaurant, Cyrano et Roxane. It was named after the hero of Edmond Rostand’s comedy Cyrano de Bergerac. It’s a warm, congenial place with a touch of French sophistication. French cuisine, exquisite and inaccessible to some people, in the hands of the experts from Cyrano et Roxane, turns into a family meal in a roadside French inn.

It’s no coincidence as the owner of the restaurant, Marc Petit, a Frenchman from Bergerac located in historical Gascony, makes dishes to family recipes passed down from one generation to another. Thus, in Cyrano et Roxane, foie gras and duck leg confit have a unique taste as the recipe has been brought to perfection by successive Petit family generations. The same with the selection of wine imported from small, family-run vineyards in southern France, including Bergerac, Bordeaux and the Southern Rhone Valley. It can be said that they come from the owner’s friends. The menu includes about 50 types of wine, and Marc Petit and professional waiters offer advice as to food and wine pairing. Wine served in Cyrano et Roxane matches both the dish ordered and the individual taste of the customer. Besides, not only wine, but also most ingredients are brought from France, which guarantees a uniquely French taste of dishes, impossible to recreate with substitutes.

Everyone will find something to their liking here. The restaurant offers a wide range of appetizers, including boards with pâté, ham and French cheese, as well as meat and fish dishes. There are also special dishes for vegetarians and vegans available. The price of a main course is between PLN 39 and 70.

Chłodna 15 by Wilamowski

Real talent, persistence and passion! How to become a world-class chef here’s a story of Arkadiusz Wilamowski.

He is only 25 years old and he has 7 years of experience in working with the best chefs in the world in restaurants, where Michelin stars are a standard. The most talented graduate of the prestigious CFA Louis Prioux. At present, he is a co-owner and chef in one of the most promising restaurants in Poland, which aspires to win top laurels. Can it all be about a modest guy from Łódzkie Province? Arkadiusz Wilamowski proves that everything is possible!

He gained his first experience in restaurants in Łódź. His first inspiration and influence, who instiled passion for cooking in him, was Krystyna Wierzbicka, a chef, who has learned to cook from famous Paul Bocuse. Arkadiusz decided to learn French to get to the prestigious CFA Louis Prioux, a cooking school in Bar le Duc, France.

When he was only 17, he went to France. During entrance exams, he got the best results in the history of the school. After graduation, the future master could work in the best French restaurants.

He began working in Au Pampre d’Or*, which had consequently defended its Michelin star for 20 years. There, he had a chance to work with Jean-Claude Lamaze, a very demanding chef, imposing strict discipline and standards, which even required measuring vegetables… with a ruler. Literally!

Next, he gained experience in a series of the best restaurants in the world. Arkadiusz got a job in Magasin* in Metz, France, where together with famous Olivier Valade he ran courses for culinary enthusiasts, including chefs from all over the world.

The next stop on his way was Sketch**, where he worked with Pierre Gagnaire and discovered original combinations of flavours, such asfoie graswith bananas and mint, which are particularly memorable.

Then, he went to Marseilles to Le Petit Nice Passedat***, where he worked as Chef de Partie. In that kitchen, there was a ban on using butter, flour and cream. The cuisine was based on seafood, one of Arkadiusz’s favourite products, which can be found on his author menu.

He left France to conquer London! He quit his job in Hibiskus** with Claude Bosi after a heated argument with the chef and became famous in culinary London as a rebellious young talent.

The next point on his list was Dorchester***. To get this job, Arkadiusz had to prepare three dishes for the chef. Their taste was so excellent that he was appointed Chef de Partie right away.

Wilamowski is a modest person. The same with his cuisine, if we can speak about modesty in the case of using truly royal products, such as Breton lobster, sturgeon caviar and the best foie gras. Wilamowski’s cuisine follows a classical, French art of cooking based on sauces prepared to historical recipes, fresh seafood, top quality meat, lack of taste improvers and popular redundant elements, such as mousse or powder.

Wilamowski has already been awarded with prestigious ‘Three Hats’ – an award of Gault & Millau Yellow Guide for the best restaurants. He dreams of a Michelin star for his restaurant Chłodna 15 by Wilamowski in Warsaw, where he runs the kitchen together with his brother, Paweł Wilamowski. But his top priority is the satisfaction of his guests.

His role model, famous Alain Ducasse, once told him, ‘Don’t cook for Michelin, but for people’, and this has been his credo ever since.