EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia aims at inspiring curiosity and presenting science in an attractive form. EXPERYMENT offers:

  • 3500 m² exhibition area,
  • over 200 interactive stands,
  • unlimited time of visit,
  • enthusiastic hosts and a good, creative team,
  • over 250 visitors a year,
  • educational offer,
  • special events for families.

Exhibitions encourage interaction: observing, touching, asking questions. They arouse the curiosity of both children and grown-ups. The most attractive part for visitors is exploring mysteries of physics and nature directly.

The heart of EXPERYMENT comprises five permanent exhibitions:

  • Hydroworldis dedicated to the power of water,
  • Invisible Forces make physics more accessible,
  • Operation: Humanpresents how human body and senses work,
  • The Tree of Life shows harmony, beauty and fascinating strengths of nature,
  • Direction Health proves that health doesn’t mean lack of illness, but general well-being resulting from taking proper care of physical, mental and social aspects of daily life.

EXPERYMENT stands use technological solutions, mobile apps and anatomical models and attract visitors of all ages.

An interesting fact:

There are 78 different organs in the human body. The heart is of a size of a clenched fist, it contracts 100 thousand times and pumps about 10 thousand litres of blood a day. Can you place organs in a phantom like puzzles? Visit EXPERYMENT and find out!

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