Good quality at a air price

Although there are plenty of department stores in Gdańsk, there is only one outlet centre in Tricity, where you should start your shopping spree. Located in district Szadółki in Gdańsk, near Tricityring road, Designer Outlet Gdańsk offers 100 best fashion and lifestyle brands and is a paradise for fans of a growing smart shopping trend. Here, you can buy quality products even at a 90% discount!

Smart shopping is a term gaining significance in the field of contemporary fashion market. Who is a smart shopper? Firstly, a smart shopper is a client aware of their needs, who makes reasonable decisions, pays attention to details, is frugal and doesn’t spend money on the spur of the moment. A smart shopper knows the value of top quality dresses, trousers, or shoes – knows, that it’s not only about the look of clothes or an impressive tag, but also – or primarily – on their durability, quality and reliability. At the same time, the client takes economics into account and tries to purchase the dream product at the most attractive price possible – overpaying is neither pleasant nor trendy!

Designer Outlet Gdańsk opens up such opportunities. It’s not a standard department store – the complex is designed to look like a fishing village, and its symbol that can be seen from afar is a lighthouse. It’s great to fish for great occasions in such a cosy and convivial atmosphere! The available brands include Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Benetton, Pepe Jeans, Asics, Nike and New Balance. A 30% discount on a regular price is a minimum, which is always offered. But very often discounts are much higher, even up to 80 or 90%! What’s more, there are also some additional special offers, such as ‘Buy two, get one free’ or extra -50% on the second product. It’s a perfect place for smart shoppers!

Come and check it for yourself!

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