Granaria Gdańsk – history built anew

The northern headland of Granary Island is an unusual place both because of its history and location. It’s one of the most attractive investment locations in Gdańsk. The heart of the city, which has been waiting for years to be brought to life. Now, Immobel and Multibud consortium, as part of public and private partnership with the City of Gdańsk, is going to put life into this area.

The development project was an effect of creative dialogue between architects, art conservators and the local government. It takes into account the history of the city, as well as its changing functions and the needs of its inhabitants. The project aims at preserving the remains of historical granaries and, at the same time, expanding them with contemporary, functional commercial and residential buildings and public space. A footbridge across the Motława River joining the northern headland of Granary Island and Długie Pobrzeże Street near Św. Ducha Street will be built. Moreover, the Stągiewny Bridge will be reconstructed and turned into a drawbridge, and the marina located south of the bridge will be developed. Chmielna Street will be restored, and the intersection of Chmielna and Podwale Przedmiejskie will be reconstructed to improve public transport conditions and develop road infrastructure. Długie Pobrzeże will also be modernised. An underground car park will provide a lot of parking space, and some parking lots will be available for clients of Granaria commercial services.

The investors of Granaria will gain new usable space – a modern, functional, aesthetic place, in line with the history and port tradition of the area. It will be a perfect spot for shopping and relaxing, walking and hanging out with friends. It will become one of tourist attractions of the city. The northern headland of the island will take on a new appearance and a new name, in line with the history of the place. The name Granaria was inspired by a Latin word for ‘a granary’ – ‘granarium’. This was to highlight the historical roots of Granary Island, where gold was stored for centuries.

The first stage of the investment will involve building, besides a luxury residential and commercial complex, a four-start hotel, Holiday Inn, which will boast top quality hotel services and Skybar with a viewing terrace on the top floor.

Next to the hotel, a public, multifunctional commercial building will be erected. The design of the facility will be a reconstruction of historical granaries Daleka Droga. The historical walls will be preserved and integrated with the new building.

In summer 2018, apartments built as part of the next stage of Granaria investment, with splendid views of the marina and berthed yachts, will be put on sale.


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