Mural of Mayor Adamowicz

The mural painted as a tribute to the tragically deceased Mayor of Gdańsk, on the building at 5/6, Mniszki Street in Gdańsk, was unveiled on 29 June. 

The mural was created by Jarek Malicki, who is a recognised mural painter, artist, architect and opposition activist from Warsaw. The artwork is 8×15 metres large and was painted on the wall of a townhouse next to the house where Paweł Adamowicz grew up.

‘From the very beginning, I got lots of good words from the townhouse residents. I’m very grateful to all those who supported me and helped me with my work,’ said the author during the mural unveiling.

A Call to Follow Your Dreams

Before the mural was unveiled, the final brush stroke was done by Magdalena Adamowicz – Paweł Adamowicz’s widow and Member of the European Parliament – with her daughter Antonina.

‘Our family – I, our daughters, parents and Paweł’s brother – were deeply moved when we were looking at Paweł’s cheerful face, smiling at us from the wall. I was asked many times whether I’d like a monument of Paweł to be erected in Gdańsk. No, I wouldn’t like that. The best way to commemorate the Mayor of Gdańsk, elected by city inhabitants, is to continue his legacy and pursue his dream about Gdańsk, Poland and Europe. This beautiful mural isn’t a monument. It’s a call to remember his dream,’ said Magdalena Adamowicz.

Winners of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz Equality Awards 2020 with Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Magdalena Adamowicz and Piotr Adamowicz.

Gdańsk Equality Awards

During the unveiling ceremony, the winners of Paweł Adamowicz Gdańsk Equality Awards 2020 were announced: Adriana Dadci Smoliniec, Khedi Alieva and Izabela Duczyńska.

The Equality Award was inspired by Gdańsk Equality Council appointed by Mayor Adamowicz. It was the idea of Tomasz Snarski, who was also a member of the first Council. Since 2017, the award is granted to people who have contributed to building Gdańsk as an open, safe and friendly city, where everyone may feel at home.

‘Equality is love; equality is seeing a human being in everyone. Even if we say something unkind, we must apologise for it. I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the mural creation. Let’s enjoy this day and be happy that we can bring Paweł Adamowicz’s ideas to life. Let’s enjoy the gala of Paweł Adamowicz Equality Awards. And when you wake up tomorrow, think what you can do to make our city and our country home for everyone,’ said Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdańsk.

Photo Credit: Grzegorz Mehring

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